The purpose of this gallery is to honor the art and artists who have assisted us visually on this journey.


Bardo means gap: it's not only the gap experienced after we die but, more fundamentally, gap experienced (or not) in our living situation.

There are seemingly ceaseless gaps in between every moment- as moments arise, abide, and dissolve like bubbles in water. Gap may take a longer form, as in the space between meditation and post meditation or the space between home and work. Longer still are gaps we find as we transition through life changing events. And the longest gap might be the interval between the beginning of delusion and the beginning of enlightenment.

This site will focus on bardos, or gaps, during and after physical dissolution and death. Death presents the greatest opportunities for liberation from the samsaric cycle. Our luminous Buddhanature, or basic goodness, is always with us. But for me, and I suspect most of us, it resides in our background. In death, free of body and consciousness, this basic goodness might move more easily to the front and center.